Twin Buttes Trail System

Twin Buttes Trail System

These trails have something for everyone. They range from advanced downhills to easier straight aways. Mostly for biking, hiking or running but some trails offer winter fun as well.

Twin Buttes Trail– This is an advanced 1.9 mile trail with some steep climbs. You can access the dirt parking lot off of the Hwy 160 and E Twin Buttes rd.

East Twin Buttes Trail- This is a short connection trail that gets you to the main Twin Buttes Trail listed above.

The Buttes Trail- .07 mile Single track trail that is popular with bikers.

Mid Traverse Trail- An easier flat connector trail about a mile long.

Cliffrock Loop Trail- 2.5 mile loop with some moderate gains.

Lightner Creek Trail- 1.8 mile trail

Lower Ed and Flo Trail- A .07 mile trail with tons of fun to be had. Downhill with curves, and jumps.

Upper Ed and Flo Trail- Advanced trail with steeper down hills and tight curves.

Lower BC and F Trail- 1.1 mile trail that follows the old railroad grade.

Upper BC and F Trail- Continues the old railroad grade for 1.1 miles.